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Apple Eye Feat (2012)



Philip Ruthen Jetty View Holding (2009)

In these strongly delineated poems, Philip Ruthen takes us from the Peppermint Lounge in Cardiff to Southbank’s Festival Hall -- and from Spain and Denmark to France -- by train and by tube, and through the meanderings of the poetic imagination. There are distances and separations to be bridged, he tells us, and new citizenships to be won. Through these strong poetic musings he teaches himself, and us, into a shared citizenship of the heart.
George Wallace - editor www.poetrybay.com

There’s a tremendous energy and electricity of feeling in Philip Ruthen’s highly sensuous poetry; it all works very powerfully together. Compassionate and fiercely felt, ‘Jetty View Holding’ reveals Ruthen as a psycho-geographer for our times, acutely alert to the way place and the human spirit lock down together and to the extraordinary power that our natural, urban and social worlds exert upon the individual psyche. A singular and edgy first collection.
Jane Draycott


ISBN 978-1-906742-02-7


‘where atoms start dancing their deliciousness.’ - (‘Fem Kinétique’)

It’s one thing to write the perilously transcendent love lyrics Philip Ruthen is increasingly recognized for. It is quite another to blink quizzically at each experience from the corner of your eye as you leave the last stanza. That too is what Ruthen achieves in these pieces, and the edges of travel suggested in the title poem. Ruthen’s polemical sensibilities might be subordinate to his poetics, but they infuse his Sinclairesque territory, gritty nerve ends spiral an alternative tube map of London. It plunges through alienation and the juggernaut mental health edicts Ruthen polices by day.

At twilight, his exquisite and tender love lyrics explore, as one reader quotes Ruthen,. a ‘wholeness of woman’ and the very notion of love. Travel creatively displaces both politics and love so they return and ask it questions. This is what moving about does to Ruthen: he strips out a foreign eco-system and hauls it back to a poem. And love there has never seemed both so calm and restless, like a dark knot of night wind informing perhaps his finest poems. This is a genuinely stunning debut volume, the more so because its ruffled poise is so chiselled, so haunted, and so memorable.

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Eyewear review 'Guest Review: Almond On Ruthen and Dullaghan', 24 April 2010 by Liz Almond on Todd swift's blogspot


Philip Ruthen studied English literature and linguistics at UWIST, Cardiff, after formative years from 1964 in Merton and Sutton, Surrey. He gained an MA in English Literature at Warwick University, where his dissertation attempted to develop a Marxist cultural theory during the exploration of Ford Madox Ford’s First World War tetralogy of novels ‘Parade’s End.’

He is a trustee of the national charity Survivors’ Poetry, campaigning alongside people from the mental health system survivor movement in a variety of paid and voluntary roles, both locally and nationally. Recent study includes an MRes in Law from Birkbeck College, University of London, concentrating on mental health and civil rights arenas.

His poetry, short fiction, book reviews and associated articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications, in the UK and abroad, and is proud to say he has been termed a ‘small-press poet’ by some from their headier realms.

Philip Ruthen currently lives in south London

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